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Sold Singly, in Mixed 6-Packs, and by the Dozen


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Onions, Leeks & Shallots     Eggplant     Odds & Ends  

Onions, Leeks & Shallots

sold by the dozen as a bunch of small transplants

_leek, blue de solaize (late, hardy, french) op
_leek, carentan (very large, hardy, late, can overwinter) op p
_leek, gigante d'inverno (very large, very hardy for overwintering) op si
_leek, lincoln (earlier, ready in late august) op
_leek, megaton (large white shanks, ready in september, lasts until temp of 20) F1
_leek, musselburgh (very large, mild flavored, extremely winter hardy) scottish H* tt
_onion, ailsa craig (large, yellow, sweet, not good for storage) op
_onion, borrettana cipollini (boiling, braising, good braidable keeper) italian H*
_onion, copra (yellow, stores well) F1
_onion, clear dawn (op version of copra, good storage) op
_onion, new york early (also good storage, a little milder than clear dawn) op
_onion, redwing (dark purple-red, excellent storage) F1
_onion, walla walla (large spanish, mild, not for storage) op
_shallots, ambition (red-purple skin, long keepers) F1  kg
_shallots, camelot (dark red skin, good flavor, long storage) F1
_shallots, conservor (traditional french type, tear drop shape, reddish flesh, pinkish brown skin, good storage) F1 hm
_shallots, zebrune (red-skinned, torpedo shape, long storage) H* sse, kg


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(numbers indicate days to maturity)

_applegreen (round, pale green) op 70 og
_black beauty(classic italian type, black, blocky) op hm 65 og
x_diamond (dark purple, mild flavor, ukranian) op 78
_galine (glossy black, early, mild) F1 72
_listada di gandia (lovely purple and white stripes, creamy, petite) op hm 85 og/hvsl 80 sus
_ny improved (black, shiny, somewhat compact plants) H* hvsl 65 sus
_pingung long (slender, lighter purple, chinese) F1 58
x_rosa bianca (lavender/white streaked) H* hm 88
_rosita (pear-shaped, pinkish, mild and tender) op 84 og
_swallow (long, slender, dark purple) F1 51
_violetta lunga (slender, dark purple, long, classic eggplant flavor, good producer) op si 65-70
_violetta de firenze (violet/pink rounded fruits, mild tasting, heavy yielding) op si 90-95

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Odds & Ends

except noted as singles only, sold in mixed 6-packs or singly
(all open-pollinated) (numbers indicate days to maturity)

S_globe artichoke, imperial star (give lots of space and fertilize heavily) 120
S_cardoons (artichoke relative, eat the stems, see recipe on recipe page) si 110
_celeriac, monarch (large prague type, great winter vegetable ready in the fall)  tt 100 bd/og
x_celeriac, venetian white (large bulb, european) si 90-95
_celery, tango (rich soil, water well for crisp, non-stringy stalks) 90 og
_fennel, finale (large juicy bulbs) hm 80 og
_fennel, zefa fino (large tender white bulbs) tt 80 bd/og
_fennel, perfektion (early mid-sized flat/round bulb) tt 75 bd/og
_rhubarb, victoria () op kg
_strawberries, alpine () op si
_strawberries, fresca () F1 kg
_strawberries, sarian () F1 p
_strawberries, woodland () op si

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