key to abbreviations and seed sources

Information Codes:

H* = heirloom variety (all heirlooms are open-pollinated)
op = open-pollinated
S = sold only as single
F1 = hybrid variety
og=organic seeds
bd=biodynamically grown seeds
sus=sustainably grown seeds

Note:  Most seeds have come from Fedco Seeds; all others are noted in the listing using the following key. The companies all have websites where you can find further descriptions and growing & harvesting instruction.

Source Key for Purchase of Seeds

    KEY              BUSINESS NAME
(click on the business name to go to the website – opens in a new window)
    f Fedco Seeds
    fs Fruition Seeds
    gn Gardens North (perennial flowers)
    hm High Mowing Organic Seeds
    hvsl Hudson Valley Seed Library (now known as hudson valley seed company)
    kg Kitchen Garden Seeds
    n Nichol’s Garden Nursery
    p Pinetree Garden Seeds
    si Seeds from Italy
    sse Seed Saver’s Exchange
    ss Select Seeds (flowers)
    tf Tomato Fest
    tt Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative
    cg The Cook’s Garden