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Greens Sold Singly and in Mixed 6-Packs


most greens can be cut several times when small for a mesclun salad mix

Spinach and Chard

_kalaidoscopic blend chard (green, pink, striped, yellow, orange, red stems) op kg
_prismatic chard (very mild flavor like spinach,  large green leaves with pink stems, lasts all summer) og
_green cutting chard (verde da taglio) (thinner stemmed, non-bitter leaves, sweet and tender like spinach) si
_perpetual spinach, gator (thin-stemmed leaf beet, green leaves, use like chard) op
_beaujolais spinach (red stemmed, green leafed, tasty) fs og
_butterflay spinach (semi-ruffled, quick-growing and slow to bolt)op tt bd
_steadfast spinach (ruffled leaves, slow to bolt) op tt bd/og
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(all of these lettuces are op)
_antares oakleaf (pink and bronze splashes on green extra frilly leaves) og
_blushed butter oaks (buttery oakleaf/butterhead, blushed with bronze)
xdella catalogna radichetta (green oakleaf, chewy and juicy, also good cooked in italian beans and greens) H*
_flashy green butter oak (crunchy, buttery oakleaf, with dark red speckles) og
_italienischer (large, great-tasting green oakleaf) og
_buttercrunch (crisp butterhead, light green)
_pirat (large butterhead tinged with bronze, beautiful and delicious!) og
_red-eared butterheart (red-tinged buttery crinkled leaves) og
xspeckled amish (slow food ark of taste, green, maroon-speckled, creamy yellow buttery interior) H*
_forellenschluss (small red-speckled romaine) H* og
_better devil (dark red and green, crinkly crunchy romaine) og
_blushed butter cos (crisp and buttery, combination romaine and butterhead, blushed with bronze) og
_hyper red rumple waved (bright red ruffly romaine, good early)
_mayan jaguar (crunchy, bright red splotches on green, ruffled romaine, early and mesclun)og
_crispmint (dark green romaine)
_merlot (deep, deep red, baby crinkly looseleaf) og
xrevolution (lollo rosso type, small frilly red head)
_tango (frilly, bright green, small looseleaf)
_anuenue (dark green batavian head, best for summer!) og
_pablo batavian (loose head with wavy leaves, tinged- with bronze, good heat tolerance)
_summertime (iceberg with excellent flavor, compact and dense)

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Other Greens

(also all op)
_arugula (characteristic bitter flavor, “roquette”) og
_arugula sylvetta (wild arugula, smaller, stronger flavor)
_arugula, wasabi (tastes just like wasabi! awesome addition to salad mixes) j
_chervil (use as flavoring herb or in salad) og
_chicory, italiko rosso (like red-streaked dandelion leaves, especially good for braising)
_chicory, pan di zucchero (large loose head, cooked or salad) H* si
_chicory, zuckerhut (similar to pan di zucchero, sugarloaf-type large head) tt bd
_frizzy endive tres fine maraichere olesh (frilly-leaved frisee head, mild sweet and delicious) H* og
_endive, broad-leaved batavian (escarole for cooked green or salad, mild flavor) H*
_escarole, cornetto di bordeaux (upright head, green leaves with white ribs) si
_escarole,bubikopf (fall crop, densely packed dark green heads) si
_mâche, Valeriana orlanda (aka “corn salad”, tender, nutty, european green) H* hvsl og
_radicchio, palla di fuoco (deep red, easy-to-grow, dark red head)
_sorrel, french (lemony, tart, heart-shaped leaves) tt og/bd
_sorrel, red-veined (beautiful and tangy in salads and mesclun mixes) j
_speckled friz
_italko rosso
_watercress (grow in wet area, or in pots)

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