welcome to peacetree organically grown plants!

i can’t believe it’s been 16 seasons, still offering healthy, hardy varieties of garden seedlings….

Despite the weather and the economy, we are hopeful for the future. We are fortunate to have found so many sources for companies that embrace biodiversity and untampered seeds, and i continue to buy seeds from companies who have all taken the “safe seed pledge” which states that they “do not knowingly sell any seeds that have been transgenically modified”. By supporting smaller-scale production of heirloom seeds and hybrid crosses selected for flavor, nutrients, proven regional hardiness and disease resistance, we help keep many options available in the gene pool; and we help keep small-scale agriculture alive.

This year we continue to have plants grown from seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library, a Saugerties company who celebrates and supports home gardeners with regionally grown seeds. Visit them at seedlibrary.org to purchase seeds or participate in their seed-saving endeavors.

As a member of Slow Food, i am working through peacetree to make many heirloom varieties available for you to grow in your own gardens. Check out www.slowfoodusa.org for ideas about good, clean and fair food. The Slow Food movement began in Italy and now works to foster, worldwide, a renewed connection with our food and its production and preparation in ways that are sustainable and just, and that preserve diversity and enhance community.

peacetree continues to support these ideas of diversity and community. For 16 years we’ve offered a diverse selection of vegetables with hardiness for our northeast climate, disease-resistance and most importantly FLAVOR! Your questions and suggestions are always welcomed. Please let me know of any requests for additional varieties you’d like me to grow…

Thanks for your continued support of sustainability, diversity, and local commerce! And keep your fingers crossed for great weather this summer!

ciao! and peace,