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(open-pollinated unless indicated) (numbers indicate days to maturity)

sold singly in 3 ½” pots at the markets, in mixed 6-packs at the greenhouse

det = determinate = bush-type ~ ok in containers

ind = indeterminate ~ vigorous vines need staking 

early varieties

 fruits are generally smaller than main-season types – the early determinate types work well in patio containers or hanging baskets

  • cosmonaut volkov (productive, juicy, tomatoey flavor) ind hvsl/f 65
  • glacier (earliest, superior flavor, swedish) det 56
  • ida gold (orange, low-acid, good in cold climate) det 59
  • x maremmano (bright red clusters, very productive and fruity, italian) H* det si

sauce tomatoes

  • amish paste (large, meaty, thick, red sauce) H* ind 85
  • blue beech  (red, long roma-type, great roasted sauce!) H* ind 90
  • bellstar ( red, round, meaty and juicy, good fresh or cooked)  op det 74
  • gilbertie paste (red, long, slender, rich sweet flavor) H* ind  hm 85
  • grandma mary’s (red, meaty, nice flavor) H* ind 68
  • mama leone’s (italian origin, nys H*) ind hvsl
  • myona (italian market tomato, delicious and productive, large plums) tt
  • x_opalka (large, elongated, meaty, flavorful, polish) H* ind 82
  • x_polish linguisa (red, long, slender, tasty!) H* ind 73
  • san marzano (classic italian sauce tomato, small roma type) op ind hm 80
  • x_san marzano redorta (italian sauce tomato, large & meaty) op ind si 85
  • vilms (another small red, tasty swedish tomato! delicious oven-roasted) op 82
  • x_speckled roman (red with yellow stripes, rich sauce flavor) op ind 85