Early Varieties

 fruits are generally smaller than main-season types – the early determinate types work well in patio containers or hanging baskets

_arctic rose (dwarf variety, rose red, large saladette sized, good for containers) det fs 67 og

_boronia (dwarf variety, similar flavor to smoky paul robeson, good for containers) det fs 65 o

_cosmonaut volkov (productive, juicy, tomatoey flavor) ind hvsl/f 65 og

_glacier (earliest, superior flavor, swedish, good for containers) det 56  og

_maremmano (bright red clusters, very productive and fruity, italian, good for containers) H* det si

_uluru ochre (dwarf variety, good for containers, creamy, mango-colored, fruity/tart flavor) det fs 65 og

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Main Season – Slicers and Salad

x blue beauty(NEW!meaty slicer, high in the antioxidant anthocyanin, dark indigo skin with red at the base) ind p

_black krim (dark red with green shoulders, smoky flavor, russian heirloom) ind 80 og

_blush (yellow blushed with red, mini saladette type, elongated shape, crack resistant new variety from hvsl) ind 75 og

_brandywine (sudduth's strain) (pink, large, rich flavor) sse 90

_cherokee purple (dark red with green shoulders, smoky, good producer) H* ind 77 og

_corne de bouc (long, meaty, flavorful quebec variety, well adapted for northern ny) H*ind tt 85 og/bd

xgarden peach (small, yellow w/orange blush, fruity, for salads, stores well) H* ind 71 (see wapsipinicon peach below)

_green zebra (striped green/yellow blush) ind 77 og

_indigo apple (high in antioxidants, dark purple blush on red med.-sized flavorful tomato) op tt og/bd

xindigo rose (small salad, dark black outer, dark red inner, from oregon) op hm 80

_jaune flamme (small salad, apricot- orange, fruity, also used for drying & roasting, early, French) H* 70-80 og

_japanese trifele black (actually russian, delicious "black" tomato, good for canning too) op ind sse 70-80

_kellogg’s breakfast (large beefsteak type, sunny orange) H*ind sse 80-90 og

x_marglobe (american heirloom now popular in italy! many round red fruits) H* ind si 80

_mikado (very large, red, balanced flavor) hvsl 85 sus

_mortgage lifter (large beefsteak type, pink, meaty & tomatoey, kentucky) H*ind hvsl & sse 80-90 og

x_paul robeson (big, brick-red slicer, as fedco says "an extraordinary tomato for an extraordinary man", russian) H*ind 78

x_persimmon (orange/yellow, meaty beefsteak) H*ind tt bd

_pineapple (yellow/red streaks, low-acid fruity) ind 85 og

_pink boar (saladette size, sweet flavor, deep red with metallic green stripes) hm 75 og

_red pear (italian selection with great flavor, very large pear-shaped beefsteak type) op ind si 70

x_red zebra (very sweet, small slicer, red with yellow stripes, productive) op ind sse 75-80

_rose de berne (pink, sweet, round, french) ind 80 og

_rutgers (red, original old jersey variety, good all-purpose) H* ind 75 og

_ruth’s perfect (round mid-sized, lovely) ind tt 93 og/bd

_st. pierre (deep red salad-type, tasty and productive even in poor weather, french) H*ind si 75-80

_stone ridge (large, various shapes from plum to bulbous, nice flavor prolific) hvsl 90 sus

_tiffen mennonite (very large, sweet & meaty) H* ind 86 og

_wapsipinicon peach (small, pale yellow tinged with pink, fruity and sweet flavor, long harvest season) tt 80 og/bd

_weisnicht's ukranian (flavorful pink, medium to large size) compact ind. 85 og

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Sauce Tomatoes

_amish paste (classic sauce and fresh eating, flavorful and good producer) H* ind 85 og

_blue beech  (red, long roma-type, great roasted sauce!) H* ind hvsl 90 sus

_bellstar ( red, round, meaty and juicy, good fresh or cooked)  op det 74 og

_firminio's (high yielding, small plums, full of flavor for roasting or sauce) H* semi-det hvsl 75 sus

_grandma mary’s (red, meaty, nice flavor) H* ind 68 og

_mama leone’s (italian origin, nys H*) ind hvsl 75 sus

_opalka (large, elongated, meaty, flavorful, polish) H* ind 85 og

_polish linguisa (large, elongated, good for sauce and fresh eating) H* ind 75 sus

x_san marzano (classic italian sauce tomato, small roma type) op ind hm 80

_san marzano redorta (italian sauce tomato, large & meaty) op ind si 85

_speckled roman (red with yellow stripes, rich sauce flavor) op ind 85 og

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Grape & Cherry Tomatoes

_black cherry (smoky flavor, large dark red cherry) op ind 75 og

_beam’s yellow pear (great tasting yellow pear) op ind sse

x_bing cherry (very rich flavor sweet, red) ind hm 65

_gardener’s delight (red, sugary sweet) op ind 68

_green doctors frosted (green frosted with silver, blushed gold when ripe, great for salsa verde, and very sweet!) op 79 og

_honeybunch (small bright red grape tomatoes, honey sweet!) F1 45

x_honeydrop (yellow-orange, sweet, like a sungold, but open-pollinated !)

_isis candy (red w/orange starburst pattern, varied colors, sugary sweet) op sse 75

_matt’s wild cherry (small, intensely flavored, good disease resistance, original tomato!)H* ind hm 55 og

x_peacevine (prolific, tasty red cherry) op ind 78 og

_principe borghese (italian sun-drying tomato, good fresh eating & grilling, too) H*det 75

_sungold cherry (orange, melt-in-your-mouth) F1 ind 57

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