squash family

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Sold Singly, in Mixed 6-Packs, and by the Dozen

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Pumpkins & Winter Squash

only sold in single pots  (numbers indicate days to maturity)

pumpkins and winter squash

_baby pam pumpkin (small pie or decorative pumpkin 3-4  lb.) op 99

_howden pumpkin (jack-o-lantern) op 115

x_burpee's butterbush (small vines and small butternut, big on flavor and sweetness!) op 85

x_butternut rugosa (large, slightly wrinkly butternut from italy, delicious flavor, excellent storage) op si 100

_buttercup, kindred orange (beautiful red-gold, sweet golden yellow flesh, smaller vine but lots of squash ) op 90 tt bd/og

_buttercup,  bonbon (true green buttercup with grey button, reliable grower with super flavor) F1 95 

_delicata, cornell's bush (small plant, even ok in containers, sweet flesh, green striped pale yellow skin) op hvsl 80 og

_honeynut (petite butternut, very sweet and tasty!) op tt 95-100 bd/og

_kabocha, black forest (dark green buttercup type without the turban, very sweet, dry dark orange flesh, great for gnocchi or cheesecake! 3-4 lb) op hvsl 100

_kabocha, blue kuri (blue/grey skin, deep orange flesh, large vine, exceptional) op hvsl 75 og

_musque de provence (so tasty it can be eaten fresh! orange and green, flattened shape) french H* sse 125

_sibley (slow food ark of taste, excellent flavor, productivity and storage! medium/large steely blue banana type) H* fs 110 og

_spaghetti squash (deep gold stringy flesh can be eaten as a delicious alternative to pasta) op 88

_winter luxury pie pumpkin (silky smooth pie filling, golden-orange russeted skin, 7-8 lb) H* 100

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Summer Squash

x_albarello of sarzana zucchini (light green, delicate flavor, good blossoms) op si 

_black beauty zucchini (dark green, sweet taste, harvest small ~6”for best flavor) op hvsl og

_cocozelle zucchini (green with lighter stripes, superb flavor) H* hm og

_dark star zucchini (high yielding, drought tolerant, harvest at 6"-8" for best flavor) op hvsl og

_nero di milano zucchini (dark glossy green, easy to harvest open bush habit) si og

_saffron (yellow crookneck summer squash) op

x_sebring (golden zucchini) F1

x_zephyr (green-tipped yellow summer squash) F1

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_cross country cucumber (dark green crunchy pickler) F1

_national cucumber (light green productive pickler, also good fresh) op

_homemade pickler (rarely bitter, good yields of uniform cukes, harvest at 4"-6" for continuous production) op hvsl og

_double yield (great for eating fresh or pickling, pick up to 6")

x_boothby’s blonde (mild, yellow cucumber) H*to 8"

_lemon (small, round yellow mild flavored) H*

x_marketmore 76 (dark green salad cucumber) op

_muncher (burpless, shiny skin that is best to peel, white flesh crunchy and sweet) op hvsl og

_poona kheera (brownish yellow, mild & juicy, indian) op og

_shintokiwa (dark green, japanese, no bitterness, long, slender smooth shape) op og/bd

_silver slicer (mild & crispy with white tender skin,one of the best eating, pick at 6"-8") op og

_super zagross (mild, burpless, middle-eastern type, smooth skinned green) op

_ukranian slicer (sweet not bitter, dark green skin with pale speckles, straight, harvest to 8") op hvsl og

_yamato sanjaku (japanese variety, very long, crisp and mild with thin skin) op hvsl

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_delicious 51 (powdery mildew resistant, early-ripening sweet cantaloupe, developed at cornell in 1951) op 75 og

_hannah’s choice (upstate NY gourmet muskmelon, sweet & syrupy, netted tan skin, orange flesh, newer variety from cornell, also pm resistant) F1 85

_noir des carmes (true french cantaloupe, ribbed dark green turning to golden orange with sweet aromatic orange flesh) H* 75

_blacktail mountain (dark green early watermelon, sweet juicy orange-red flesh, bred in idaho in the 1970s) op og

x_peace ( yellow-fleshed juicy sweet watermelon, striped light and dark green) op 75

x_sugar baby (small, round, dependable sweet pink flesh) op 80

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