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Sold Singly and in Mixed 6-Packs

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Sweet Peppers

(numbers indicate days to maturity)

_aconcagua (very long green to yellow to orange to red, sweet and juicy, good roaster and fryer, plant benefits by staking) op 85
_boldog hungarian paprika (slender tapering red, for sweet paprika, good fresh eating too!) op 71 og
_carmagnola rosso (large, blocky, ripening to red, sweet all purpose) si 75-80
_carmen (bright red, long, tapered) F1 70 og
_chervena chuska (bright red, long roasting pepper, very sweet, bulgarian) H* sse 85 og
_chocolate (green, ripens to brown, burgundy red inside and delicious) op 80 og
_chocolate cake (great flavor and sweetness, even green! ripens to reddish brown) op 90
_corno rosso (bull's horn, productive, sweet long red,) op si 80-85
_cubanelle (long yellow-green frying pepper with pungent flavor) op 80
_doe hill (golden bell, looks like tangerine pimiento, sweet and thick) op hvsl 60
_iko iko (rainbow of colors - purple to yellow to chartreuese, to orange to red all on the same plant) op hm 65-85
_jimmy nardello’s (long, thin-walled red frying pepper, mild sweet flavor) H* tt/f 78 og
_king crimson (blocky, thick, sweet, green to red) op hm 60-70
_king of the north (early, red, thick) op hvsl 70 sus
_klari baby cheese (small flattened shape, easy to grow, ripening from whitish to yellow to red, sweet and meaty, also good pickled) H* 65 og
_odessa market (lime green to orange to red, elongated and blocky, all-purpose fresh and roasted) H* 87
_petit marseillais (golden orange wrinkled, juicy and plentiful, french heirloom) H* hvsl 70
_purple beauty (large block fruits, purple to green to red, taste like green when purple) op 74 og
_ruby king (early ripening to red, bell) op sse
_staddon's select (large blocky green, ripening to red) op 74 og
_sweet pimiento (early and productive, little and red, meaty and sweet) op80 og
_sullivan's favorite italian frying (long, tapered, thin-skinned, good producer) op tt 90 bd
x_tangerine pimiento (small, flattened, thick and juicy, yellow ripening to tangerine orange) op 85
x_tequila sunrise (carrot-shaped, green to golden orange, crunchy and juicy, fresh or sautéed) op sse 60-78

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Hot Peppers

_anaheim (for stuffing, grilling, roasting, ristras, mildly hot) op 78
_ancho (ancho when dried, poblano fresh, for stuffing, mole sauce and enchiladas, mildly hot) op hm 65-85
_bird's eye chile (also called 'thai dragon' and 'bird', very small, pointed, green to red, very hot!) op p 85 red
_bulgarian carrot chile (medium sized bright orange carrot shaped, about like a serrano or hot portugal in heat) op 68
_cayenne, long red narrow (very long and thin, pick when red for best drying) H* 75
_chimayo (new from fedco, blunt tipped bright red new mexico chilies for drying and sauces, mildly hot) op 70 og
_czech black (good heat, juicy like a jalapeno, black to garnet red) op 65 og
_fireball (red cherry popper, for stuffing and pickling) F1 75
_fish (entire plant, including fruits, gets white streaks, medium hot, nice with seafood!) H* hvsl/f 65 green/80 red
_habanero, magnum orange (super hot!) hm og
_ho chi minh (4"-5" long green turning to yellow-orange, good heat and flavor like a cayenne) op 68 og
_hot portugal (long, narrow with a kink at the end, pretty hot) op 64 og
_hungarian hot wax (ripens from yellow to orange to red, good pickler, and for chile rellenos) op 68
_jalapeño, early (classic mexican mildly hot, compact plants good for containers) op hm 65 green/85 red og
_jalapeño, tam (mildly hot, good fresh) op hvsl 70
_jaluv an attitude (cross between chili and jalapeno, medium hot and fruity) op 75 og
_lemon drop, limon (aka aji limon, small, very hot, bright yellow with fruity/floral flavor) op 100 og
_new mexico joe e. parker (anaheim chili, mildly hot, green crisp and juicy) op hm 68 green/88 red og
_padron (green, medium-hot sweet when picked at 2" stage, fry in olive oil with coarse salt for tapas, spanish) op hvsl 65
x_pasilla bajio (green to brown, mole and chile sauce, long slender, hot) H* p 80
_serrano, hidalgo (many green fruits ripening to bright red, crunchy and juicy like a jalapeno but smaller and hotter!) op 75 og
x_tabasco (small really hot, green ripening to red, dry or for hot sauce!) H* p 85
_thai (tiny red fiery hot upright peppers on a small bush, can be grown in containers) op 82 og

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