sold in singles and 6-packs unless otherwise noted

P=perennials (2nd year plants in limited quantities)
S=sold only as singles

Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

S_arnica Arnica chamissonis P og
_basil, aromato Ocimum basilicum (purple and green anise type)
_basil, genovese O. basilicum (pesto type)
_basil, cinnamon (purple veining and cinnamon scent) hvsl og
_basil, lemon O. americanum
_basil, italian large leaf O. basilicum (large leaved) hvsl og
_basil, red rubin and rosie (purple/red leaves) f/hm og
_basil, spicy globe O. b. minimum (mini, for pots)
_basil, sweet O. basilicum (pesto type)
_basil, thai O. basilicum (anise flavor, thai food) hvsl og
_basil, sacred "tulsi" O. tenuiflorum(from india, medicinal and culinary, tea)og
S_borage Borago officinalis P
S_chives Allium schoenoprasum P og
S_chervil (one of the “fines herbs”, winter hardy if you let it seed in the fall, anisey flavor) og
_cilantro, caribe Coriandrum sativum (slow-bolt variety)
_cilantro, santo (another slow-bolting variety, the seeds are coriander) og
xcumin (short dill-like plants, use the seeds) sse
_dill,bouquet Anethum graveolens fast growing and going to seed
_dill, fernleaf (extra leafy variety, also good for attracting beneficial insects to the garden) j
_dill, greensleeves (especially leafy) hm og
_fennel, bronze (ornamental feathery leaves in flower beds, tasty in salads)
S_echinacea, narrow-leaf E. angustifolia P
S_echinacea, purple coneflower E. purpurea P 2nd year plants
S_garlic chives (best left until the 2nd year, used in oriental dishes, like chives with garlic flavor) P
S_lavender, english Lavandula angustifolia P 1st/2nd year plants og
S_lavender, vincenza blue Lavandula angustifolia P smaller plant than above, flowers first year
S_lemon balm Melissa officinalis leaves and flowers edible, good bee plant P

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S_lemongrass Cymbopogon flexuosus culinary and medicinal, stalks grow to 3’, can be brought inside for winter, or dried
S_lovage Levisticum officinale (celery-like flavor) P
_ marjoram, sweet Origanum majoranum
S_mojito mint Mentha x villosa (mild mint used for mojitos!) P cuttings & 2nd year plants n
S_oregano, greek Origanum heracleoticum P
S_oregano, zaatar Origanum syriaca tender P (wild oregano with an exotic oregano/thyme flavor, essential flavoring in zataar mix) og
_parsley, curly “krausa” Petroselinum crispum
_parsley, flat “gigante d’italia” P. crispum
x_rosemary Rosmarinus officinale tender P 2nd year plants crop failure!
S_sage, broadleaf Salvia officinalis P hvsl og
x_sage, white Salvia apiana tender P (no seed this year)
S_spilanthes S. oleracea (known as "toothache plant" for its numbing effects, medicinal and salads) og
S_stevia S. rebaudiana (leaves are a sweetener) tender P hm og
_sweet mace Tagetes lucida (southwestern herb, anise-like flavoring, bright orange flowers, glossy leaves, aka “spanish tarragon”) sse
S_tarragon, french Artemesia dranunculus (spicy anise flavor, for salads, fish, eggs, vinegars etc....) P cuttings og
S_thyme, english Thymus vulgaris P hvsl og
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