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Annual Flowers Sold Singly and in Mixed 6-Packs.
Perennials All Sold as Singles Only




Rounding out our selection of plants is an array of out-of-the-ordinary flowers. Featuring both annuals and perennials, you'll find a selection for the garden, patio pots, and many perfect for cutting.

annuals   perennials

Annual Flowers

sold singly and in mixed 6-packs except where noted singles only

= antique    = fragrant

_alyssum carpet of snow (white, honey-scented, border flowers) af

S_balloon vine, love-in-a-puff, or heart seed Cardiospermum halicacabum (ornamental vine with dainty white flowers, green puffy seedpods and a heart on each seed) hvsl og

_calendula, flashback (yellow petals have orange/red backing, all calendulas bloom through october) og

_calendula, resina (mostly yellow, medicinal)

_calendula, remembrance edible mix (lots of yellows, oranges and pinky purple petals for salads and edible decoration) op fs og

_cleome, rose queen & violet queen (dark pink & purple spider flower) a

S_cup & saucer vine Cobaea scandens (20’ vine, purple showy blooms, divided foliage, purple tendrils)ss

_cornflower, blue hvsl

x_cosmos, early sensation mix” (5’, pink, magenta, white blooms, feathery foliage) a

_cosmos, picotee (4' bush, white, pink, rose petals edged in magenta)

_eucalyptus, silver drop (small silvery-green fragrant leaves for fresh or dried bouquets) j

_gazania (showy mix of bright yellow, orange, maroon and pink, low-growing border or container flowers, 8"-10")

x_jewels of opar Talinum paniculatum (2' sprays of pink flowers, turning to bright red seed pods, great filler in containers and bouquets) sse

_larkspur, blue cloud (bushy plant covered in blue butterfly flowers! 3'-4')

x_larkspur, blue spire (tall spires, deep blue flowers, bouquets fresh and dried, 3'-4')

_larkspur, bunny bloom (blue) sse og

x_larkspur, giant imperial mix (tall spires, mix of pinks, purples and blues, fresh and dried bouquets, 3'-4')

_lobelia, crystal palace blue (creeping, containers, bright blue 4"-6")

_marigold, queen sofia (small plant, double flowers, edible rusty orange petals outlined w/ yellow  12") fs og

x_marigold, tashkent (dark maroon, ruffled petals 12"-14")

_mexican sunflower, torch Tithonia rotundifolia (5’ very large bushy plant,bright orange flowers)

_mignonette (deliciously raspberry-scented nondescript flowers, good in well-drained containers, full sun) af

S_moonflower (to 30’, white, night-blooming morning glory) af  sse

S_morning glory, clarke’s heavenly blue (traditional pale sky blue flowers on climbing vines)

_morning glory, carnivale di venizia (white petals with red or blue streaks, traditional morning glory-type vine)

_nasturtium, alaska (orange and yellow blooms, variegated foliage)

_nasturtium, black velvet (as the name says!) sse

_nasturtium, empress of india (red blooms, dark green leaves)

_nasturtium, indian cress sse

_nasturtium, jewel mix (bright yellow, orange)

_nasturtium, whirlybird mahogany (dark red) n

_nicotiana, jasmine tobacco N. alata (white) af ss

_nicotiana, lavender cloud N. alata (mixed pastel violets and white, very fragrant) hvsl og

_painted tongue Salpiglossus sinuata (velvety trumpets in blue, purple, maroon, yellow, into october)

x_petunia, balcony (good container plant, fragrant in the late afternoon) af ss

_snapdragon, rocket mix (pink, red, yellow, orange, white, good cutflower)  hvsl

_sunflower, autumn beauty (multiblooming and multicolored with red ring around the dark center, cutflower, too! 6'-8')

_sunflower, hella sonnenblume (dwarf plant with large classic flowers on sturdy stems for cutting, 3.5') hm

_sunflower, hopi blue dye (very tall, very large yellow blooms with dark blue/black seed centers) H*

_sunflower, moulin rouge (dark, dark red with black centers 5’-7’)

x_sunflower, selma suns (multibranched, yellows, golds maroons and reds, 6'-7')

_sunflower, soraya (deep golden with dark center, harvest for cutflowers just as flowers begin to open, 6’ tall) hm

x_sunflower, sunrich orange F1 (hybrid sunny orange with classic dark center) ng

_sunflower, taiyo (typical large dark-centered yellow-petalled flower on 4' stalk, with a few side branch flowers) hvsl

_sunflower, velvet queen (dark orange flowers with black centers, 5’-7’)  sse

x_sweet pea, cupani (blue and purple flowers, exceptionally fragrant, original cultivar) af n

_tasselflower (bright orange) sse

_Thunbergia, black-eyed susan vine (grow on a trellis or obelisk, multicolors, buff, yellows, oranges, apricot and rose with a dark center, 3'-6') ss/sse

x_venidium, zulu prince (large white, black center rimmed with orange, daisy-type flower, full sun)

_verbena, purple top V. bonariensis (3’-4’, good cutflower, reseeding annual)

_zinnia, inca (bright orange with little yellow doodad centers, long stems for cutting)

_zinnia, queen red lime (lime, mauve and rose blends with red centers, double petals, 2.5') ss

_zinnia, state fair mix (showy red, yellow, salmon, orange, pink, white, 2.5’ bushy plants)

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Perennial Flowers

all sold singly

N=native to Northeastern US

_baby's breath, 'single alba' Gypsophila paniculata (small bush loaded with tiny white flowers, excellent bouquet filler)

_wild bergamot Monarda fistulosa (lavender colored bee balm, great for pollinators!) N pm

_bluebells, virginia Mertensia virginiana early spring flowering, lovely pale blue bell flowers unfurl from curving stalks above large leaves, spreading plant in woodland settings N peacetree grown

_cactus, eastern prickly pear Opuntia humifusa round cactus pads multiply and spread slowly, big yellow flowers that attract pollinators and eventually fruit! hardy in the northeast! N pm

x_cardinal flower Lobelia cardinalis(spikes of bright red flowers loved by hummingbirds, part shade) N pm

x_columbine, multicolor (white, blues, pinks) Aquilegia vulgaris si

_columbine, eastern (red and yellow) Aquilegia canadensis N peacetree grown

_coneflower, orange Rudbeckia fulgida (showy black-eyed susan! to 3', full sun to part shade) N pm

x_creeping baby's breath Gypsophilia repens rosea tiny pink flowers covering a short 4"-6" tall plant that will spread 15"-18" inches on the ground or drape over a rock garden wall, tolerates heat and dryness, hardy to zone 2!

_blue flax Linum perenne subsp. Lewisii (pale blue, new blooms daily) (N to Midwest US)

_gas plant, fraxinella Dictamnus alba(tall spikes of pink-streaked flowers, exotic fragrance) af  peacetree grown

_hollyhocks, black Alcea rosea var. nigra (dark burgundy/black flowers bloom 2nd year, 6’-8’) H*

_hollyhock, indian spring A. rosea (single, red, yellow, white, rose, 7’)

_hollyhock, 'outhouse' A. rosea (mix of white, red, burgundy and pink, 6'-9') a sse

_jacob’s ladder Polemonium caeruleum (pinnately compound leaves, blue bell flowers, shade to sun, 12") pm

_liatris, Liatris spicata spike gayfeather (tall, pink wands of butterfly attracting flowers, 3') N pm

x_maiden pink Dianthus sp. (red, pink or white, small flowers, creeping leaves, blooms throughout the summer, sun, well-drained soil, 6")

x_maltese cross Lychnis chalcedonia (bright scarlet flower clusters atop 3' plants, very attractive to bees and hummingbirds, old-fashioned garden flower grown for hundreds of years)

_pansies, historic mix Viola x wittrockiana (mix of purples, oranges, yellows with traditional whiskered faces, reseeding biennial, 6"-8") sse

_penstemon - large-flowered beardtongue, P. grandiflorus (white tubular flowers, full sun, NE native 1'-3')

_rock soapwort Saponaria ocymoides (creeping plants, light pink flowers, sun to part shade, rock gardens) si

x_sweet woodruff Gallium odoratum

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