cole crops

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_cavolo broccolo spigariello (broccoletti, cut and come again, small leaves and florets) si
_de cicco (early, blue-green, many side shoots, mild flavor) H* hm og
x_fiesta (bright green, midseason, many side shoots) F1 og
_green super (compact size but lots of broccoli! vigorous side shoots after a delicious main head) F1
x_calabrese (standard style, large head, italian/american) H* sse
_limba (summer, good flavor, side shoots) op
_piracicaba (loose flowerheads, tender, good raw or cooked) op
x_solstice (mild, sweet head, many side shoots, best for fall) op
_umpqua (later season, many side shoots) op og
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Brussels Sprouts

cut off tops in early september to encourage larger sprouts

_diablo (large, uniform) F1
_long island improved (ny heirloom, semi-dense) op hvsl

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_early jersey wakefield (tender, tasty, mild, pointy head, spring) H*
x_bartolo (fall storage, high yielding and robust flavor) F1
x_danish ballhead (tasty and good for sauerkraut, medium sized, late fall, storage) H* p
_golden acre (tender, tasty round head, spring) op
_gunma (large head, green, tender, fall) F1
_perfection savoy (crinkled leaves, large tasty head, spring) op hvsl
_winterfurst savoy (crinkled leaves, great flavor, long season - harvest in fall, good storage) op tt
_kalibos (red, pointy headed, sweet and tasty, also stores well) op fs og
_red express (small, early red, spring) op hm og
_mammoth red rock (large, good storage, fall) op
_super red 80 (mid season, tender, crisp and bright colored) F1

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water regularly, tie or bend leaves over around flower head as it’s forming to encourage whiter heads, and harvest when heads are tight

_early snowball (smooth, tight white heads, tender, spring and fall)H*sse
_goodman (tender, white florets with good leaf cover, early) op hm
_purple of sicily (mild sweet flavor, lovely colorful compact heads) op si

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Collard Greens & Kohlrabi

_georgia collards (tender, mild, productive) H* hm
_kohlrabi, purple vienna (crisp, tender & like sweet cabbage, harvest before it reaches 4" ) hvsl og

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edible all summer long, but gets sweeter after fall frosts
_all stars (awesome mix of purples/greens, frills and smooth!) op hvsl og
_nero di tuscana (lacinato) (long slender dark leaves, extra tasty) H*
_rainbow lacinato (cross of tuscan and red russian, extra cold hardy and very pretty!)op og
_red russian (serrated, very cold hardy, purple and green) op hm og
_red ursa (frilly, green turning to purple leaves, tender and tasty, good young and old!) kg
_russian frills (very frilly red and purple tender leaves, very winter hardy) op og
_scarlet (extra frilly red and purple leaves, excellent flavor, good as baby kale or cooked large leaves) op

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