2017 update

a new season – some news…
firstly, i’ve decided not to participate in the schenectady market this year, certainly not because of the market…it continues to be a vibrant and welcoming market with a wide variety of offerings (please continue to support them!), but it was just getting crazy for me with back-to-back markets and packing.
so, this year i am trying something new…we will be open here at the greenhouse on sundays! from 10am to 3pm, and continue the tuesday/thursday 10-6 hours as well as by chance or appointment other times.
we’ll also continue to be at the troy waterfront farmers’ market on saturdays 9-2.
this year, i discovered another ny state seed company – “fruition seeds” out in ithaca. look for a dozen or so of their offerings throughout the list. all of their seeds are organic.
also new this year i am labeling, on the list, all the varieties that are grown from organic seeds for those who are committed to only buying plants grown from organic seeds. i continue to buy seeds that are not organic when the organic choice is not available and they are from companies who take the safe seed pledge…nothing GMO or treated. many are sustainably produced by small seed growers, family businesses and cooperatives. SEEDS ARE IMPORTANT!
lastly, make note of our change in phone # as we gave up our land line…518-269-1434.
now, back to planting…!

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